Ing. Vladimír Pramuk
Division Manager
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Ing. Slávka Grexová, PhD.
Department Manager
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Ing. Mária Burčová, PhD.
Skilled Geologist
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Mgr. Anna Jakubiková
Skilled Geologist
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Ing. Karolína Adzimová
Skilled Geologist
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Department of Environmental Exploration

Environmental monitoring
The company provides the consulting in the filed of the environment, environmental audit and risk analysis processing for various customers.

In reconciliation of activities of the individual subjects with the valid legislative conditions in relation with the environment, we proceed further according to the actual methods and we use the specialized software for processing and analysis of data obtained.

Our company provides the following, as follows: 
1. Consulting and advisory activity in the field of the environment, 
2. Environmental audit and risk analysis according to STN ISO 14010, ASTM E1527-00 and ASTM E1739-95. In environmental audit and risk analysis we use the software RBCA Analyzer and RISC4 Work Bench (methods of Risc based corrective action).

Exploration and remediation

Within exploration and remediation of the polluted water and soils, our company provides the whole scale of geological and engineering activity, it means from determination and assessment of actual conditions of the aggrieved areas, through design and realization of remedial measures, up to post-remedial monitoring and active checking of the environment state.

The company is engaged in the following, in the field of exploration and remediation of pollution at the individual phases, as follows:

  • determination of a degree and type of rock environment contamination and groundwater contamination,
  • proposal for optimal remedial measures for liquidation of pollution in the groundwater and rock environment in situ, ex situ, and elaboration of remediation project,
  • active remediation of pollution and restoration of the aggrieved areas (air sparging, bioremediation, venting, subsurface reactive zones and walls, air stripping will be used here),
  • checking the residual pollution limits in the rock environment and groundwater by means of the atmogeomechanical and hydrochemical monitoring,
  • construction of monitoring systems and periodic processing of monitoring results.

Mathematic modelling

In solving the hydrogeological tasks, problems connected with the environment, spreading the contamination in groundwater and rock environment, in remediation of the environment and risk analysis processing, the software of special purpose is used by our company.

Within mathematic geodata processing, our company provides the following, as follows:

  • mathematic modelling of groundwater flow and transmission of contamination by means of the numerical three-dimensional models (software: VisualMODFLOW PREMIUM 4.2),
  • mathematic modelling focused on determination of the time and spatial dependence of transmission and development of various types of contamination, including activity of biodegradation factors, chemical reactions (numerical three-dimensional model MT3D99, analytic-numerical two-dimensional model RBCA Tier2 Analyzer),
  • mathematic processing of risk analysis resulting from ASTM E1739-95 (software: RISC4WorkBench),
  • visualization of gained data and results of numeric modelling (software: Visual MODFLOW - 3D EXPLORER, Surfer 8.0).

Advisory opinion activity in waste economy 
Within waste economy our company ensures the whole engineering activity, it means from the assessment of geological conditions of the given territory up to the elaboration of operating orders and internal regulations for new and existing waste dumps.

Moreover, we elaborate the expert’s opinions related to the handling with wastes and equipment for waste disposal and recycling. Our company deals with the following, in the field of waste economy at the respective stages, as follows: 

  • assessment of the ground suitability for waste dump foundation,
  • assessment of the ground conditions, soil suitability for building the sealing and engineered fills of landfills,
  • geological and geotechnical supervision in construction of landfills,
  • advisory opinion activity within the intention of Act of NR SR No. 223/2001 Coll., as amended by Act No. 409/21006 Coll., by elaboration of operating order for waste disposal equipment ( waste dumps ) and waste recycling equipment,
  • elaboration of the operating order for landfill monitoring,
  • elaboration of expert’s opinions for waste handling equipments, waste dumps, operating orders and technologies and equipments for waste recycling, 
  • realization of hydrochemical and hydrodynamic monitoring of groundwater in the surroundings of landfills and ecological loading thereof.