RNDr. Igor Bajo
Department Manager
0915 926 820

Ing. Slávka Grexová, PhD.
Skilled Geologist
0905 650 960

Mgr. Anna Jakubiková
Skilled Geologist
055/729 72 34

Hydrogeology Department

There are the hydrogeological conditions of territory, and it is from the regional dimensions up to the individual localities, determined and assessed within our Hydrogeological Department.

The following specific works are included in it, as follows:

  • compilation of purpose-built hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical maps and groundwater vulnerability maps,
  • calculations of natural resources and utilizable groundwater amounts (software: AquiferTest 4.2),
  • provision of utilizable groundwater resources (drilled hydrogeological holes, interception of springs),
  • checking the intensity of water resources for drinking and technical purposes, and with assessment of quality thereof (software: AquaChem 3.7),
  • proposals for water resource protection zones and conditions of economy therein,
  • assessment of groundwater regime, hydrochemical monitoring, assessment of changes in water quality and definition of further development trends,
  • assessment of possibility to ensure the geothermal energy in the individual localities,
  • groundwater flow modelling by means of the numeric filter models,
  • foundation engineering in the unfavoured natural conditions, design and realization of drainage of foundation excavations, 
  • assessment of the waste treatment plant impact on groundwater quality, including the expert’s opinions of small domestic waste treatment plants (ČOV).


  • Water meter set OTT Current Meters C2 
    - pH, conductivity