Welcome to the website of GEO Slovakia, s.r.o.

Our company was established in the year 1999 and it has been actively engaged in geological services since the year 2002. At present our company employs 35 permanent employees, of which 24 employees graduated from a University.

The main scope of our company’s activity is:

  • geological research and geological exploration,
  • engineering geology,
  • hydrogeology,
  • prospection of geofactors of the environment,
  • geophysical works, technical works, field tests, laboratory works of soils and water, and liquidation of the environmental loadings.

Our company is certified to implement an environmental management system ISO 14001:2004. In the course of the year 2007 we worked intensively to fulfil the conditions for performance of the official measurement of bulk activity of radon in the soil air, and it was successful for us in October and we acquired the Decision on authorization.

We believe that the cooperation with our company will fulfil your ideas of providing the quality services.

GEO Slovakia s.r.o.
Popradská 90
040 11 Košice


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