RNDr. Libor Potančok
Division Manager IG
0905 228 496

Ing. Marcela Boszáková
Department Manager
0915 988 682

RNDr. Dušan Grman
Skilled Geologist
055/729 72 34

Ing. Mária Syčevová
Skilled Geologist
0918 112 459

Ing. Jana Hajduková
Skilled Geologist
0905 675 933

Engineering Geology Department

The company GEO Slovakia, Ltd., within the Engineering Geology Department, ascertains and assesses the engineering geological conditions of territory from the regional dimensions up to the detailed survey and assessment of the individual localities. This Department activity includes the following exploration works realized for the purpose of, as follows:


  • civic amenities, industrial and water-management engineering structures, water reservoirs and dams
  • line structures (railways, tunnels, traffic network, steam lines, gas lines, oil pipelines)
  • waste dumps

determination of factors:

  • occurrence of defects on the line structures and engineering structures
  • formation of slope deformations
  • land stability assessment, determination of bearing capacity and compressibility of subsoil
  • design of remedial measures in the aggrieved areas
  • professional geological supervision in foundation of all kinds of engineering structures
  • compilation of engineering geological maps, slope deformation maps and photographic documentation thereof, geological profiles of landslide area, slope deformation passports, maps of geofactors of the environment and other purpose-built maps
  • STN soil and rock classification system
  • checking the groundwater corrosiveness against concrete and steel, and
  • consulting