Jana Gregová
Department Manager
0917 545 695

Soil Mechanics Department

Soil Mechanics is a science dealing with equilibrium, stress and deformation of soils. Soil consists of three phases: solid phase (grains of soil), which is the only one phase having a shear strength, liquid phase (water) and gaseous phase (air). Last two mentioned phases have got no shear strength, but, however, they can transmit compression stress or tensile stress.

For basic classification of soils, it is necessary to determine a grain-size distribution, moisture content and plasticity properties, bulk density of soil. 
For all stability calculations, it is necessary to know the parameters of shear strength of soil. Deformation tasks can be only solved with knowledge of compressibility characteristics.

For assessment of soil utilization, as a bottom layer and into embankments, it is necessary to determine the compaction property of soil and optimal values of moisture content and bulk density of soil.

To answer to these requirements, i.e. determination of descriptive, physical and mechanical properties, the Soil Mechanics Laboratory of the company GEO Slovakia realizes, within the scope of its activity, the following analyses, tests and determinations, as follows:

  • Determination of the grain-size distribution of soil, 
  • Determination of the natural moisture content of soil and determination of the moisture content at the limit of fluidity and plasticity, ( Atterberg limits ) with consequent calculation of plasticity index and consistency index,
  • Determination of the bulk density and apparent particle density and consequent calculation of pore volume and degree of soil saturation,
  • Carbonate content determination,
  • Organic matter content determination, 
  • Determination of the swelling capacity of soils,
  • Determination of the deformation parameters in the oedometric equipment (with or without reconsolidation of soil sample) and time behaviour,
  • Determination of the peak or residual shear strength in the shear box apparatus,
  • Determination of the compaction property of soil by means of the Proctor-standard compaction test,
  • Determination of the bearing capacity of soil by means of the CBR ( California bearing ratio)